Frequently Asked Questions
Here you'll find a list of frequently asked questions and answers.
What is The Pacific Ink & Art Expo aka The Hawaii Tattoo Expo?

Our expo is an annual event that celebrates tattoo culture in all areas from historic and ancient styles of tattooing as well as todays modern techniques. We feature the best and most prolific tattooers, painters, celebrities and art creators from all over the world

Will real live tattooing actually be taking place at the expo?

Yes! Thats the exciting thing. You can come to our expo and meet with amazing artists and get a tattoo from the best in the business. If you arent feeling like a tattoo there are tons of great items for sale at great discounts to take home. Good food, events, contests, music and live entertainment.

Is it SAFE to get a tattoo at your expo?

100% Yes. We work very closely with the Department of Health to ensure that public safety is priority #1. We are not only promoters of this great event, but some of us are tattooists and shop owners so we know exactly what steps are needed to ensure a great & safe event. On that note, in the 5 years we have been a business on Oahu, we have not had 1 issue with safety.

Can I bring my children?

Absolutely! In fact, all children 12 and under are FREE! Our event is 100% Family Friendly. Bring the entire Ohana!

What age must you be to get a tattoo?

State law requires that you must be 18 years of age or 16 with the consent of a parent.

How much are tattoos?

Each artist varies in price based on their skillset and demand. Most artists are anywhere between $100-$200 per hour and the great thing about expos is that you can negotiate on price and get flat rate pricing on whatever you want done. Some artists also do flat rate "bangers" which could be a set rate for a particular size. Meaning "$40 for any tattoo the size of a soda can bottom" as an example.

Can I get piercings done?

Yes! You will be able to get pierced by professionals. Our technicians best in the business who can help you with anything from a simple piercing to a very technical one. How sanitary & safe are the needles and instruments they use? All needles and tubes are disposable at our events. That means its SINGLE USE from the moment they open it up in a sterile wrapper to the moment they throw it away. It is only used once on the client and then disposed of properly into sharps containers. That means its VERY SAFE.

Do tattoos hurt?

Each person as their own unique pain threshold. Some people say they only feel pressure while others say it feels like a scratch and other have a harder time, but the pain is generally very mild.

Is there anyway to numb the pain?

Yes. There are many products which will also be available at our expo which completely numb the sensation of the tattoo.

Will there be CELEBRITIES there?

Every year we bring out some of the biggest TV celebrities for tattoo from hit shows like Ink Master, La Ink, Miami Ink, New York Ink and more. We also have many big name celebrities come just to hang out at the shows from TV Shows and Movies.

Will there be food and beverages?

You will have several options of food at our expo. We have food trucks who cook outside and set up vendor areas to sell their delicious food to the public. You will also have an array of soft drinks, water for the easy drinking crowd and Beer for the adults.

What does it cost to get into the show?

Our show is one of the most affordable tattoo expos in the world. Most shows charge $40-$85 per day. Our show is ONLY $25 per day or $60 for ALL 3 DAYS. Your children 12 and under are FREE. We have participating artists who offer the price of admission as a discount towards your tattoo. That would essentially mean your ticket price is FREE!

What comes with the cost of entry?

Most concerts in Hawaii cost $25-50 and you get a few hours of entertainment and then you are done. At our expo you pay for your entry and once inside, you get a 10-12 hour schedule of events that take place ALL DAY, ALL 3 DAYS from Friday afternoon till Sunday evening. Live music, kids zone, painting, tattooing, performers, food vendors, merchandise vendors and so much more bang for your buck.

Can I bring my camera?

Of course, we encourage you to come, take pictures and enjoy the event. Make sure sure hashtag us and share your link with the content to build the community. #PIAEMaui #PIAE #HawaiiTattooExpo

Can I promote my business at your event?

If you are not a vendor or a sponsor absolutely. If you are not a participating exhibitor at our show you will not be allowed to promote your business or event at our show.

How much is parking?

We haven’t figured this part out yet for Maui but it will either be FREE for the 1st year or a few bucks to help cover rental expenses of the venue.

I lost something! Who do I contact?

You will want to contact the venue directly to start. We do our best to hold onto anything turned in however we are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Can I enter your contests?

Yes! You are welcome to enter our eating and tattooing contests. The public is just as much apart of this as the artists. Its $10 to enter per division.